Monday, March 1, 2010

"Spiritual Love" Poem

I looked into your eyes and united with your spirit,
It served as my guide throughout your mind, body and soul,
Each moment of my journey I embraced your spirit and let it take control,

My spirit saw things on the inside that human eyes could not see,
It made me realize that real beauty is skin deep,

As I explored all of your thoughts,
Each avenue I traveled led straight to your heart,
Which instantly absorbed my spirit, assuring it we would never part,

We both house all of the fruit of the Spirit and God’s grace,
Love, joy, meekness, temperance, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, peace and faith,
One at a time, they assured me the Holy Spirit led me to the right place,

The deeper I went into your heart, you became rooted in mine,
In the depths of my spirit, our love became divine,

In each other’s heart we engraved our names,
In the book of matrimony, God vowed to do the same,

You made me feel complete the moment I first laid eyes on you,
The love we share is more than just a dream come true,
For the Lord has blessed me with you,
Each day He will guide us to pull us through,

This shall last and we keep each day the same as our first,
We will prove to keep it together for better or for worse,

Together for all eternity, also through sickness and health,
We will become one share our blessings and wealth,

Each step we take and the air that we breathed,
Just know I am apart of you fulfilling all of your needs,

Today history begins,
we will be one forever,
You and me for all eternity!

Copyright © 2006 Tennille L. Whittington