Monday, September 27, 2010

In Dependence

Psalms 118:8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

I want to focus on dependence. As we all know we are all guilty of speaking our independence, when in actuality we are in dependence with something or someone at all times. Recently I had the opportunity to have an out of body experience that we have been praying for, for some time now.

I got a chance to see what areas in my life where weak and what areas had strength. I saw that no matter how good I’ve done, there is always opposition to come in contact with and in order to sustain that opposition we must be grounded in the Word and have a developed spirit.

I saw how easy it was for me to slip in and out of my past life. I saw how my decisions in my life affected others all around me. In life we must stay focus on where we need to be, we must keep in mind that someone is always counting on us. Regardless of how much success we may have, we must know we didn’t get there alone. Society has us focus on independence when really we are in dependence.

When there is no one else there to help us, teach us, lead, us or for us to lean on we always have God! There is not a moment that goes by that He does not want the best for us.

Just sit back and think about all the times you made it to see another day, you overcame a challenge, your money stretched to make ends meet, you got that job that you were told you weren’t qualified for, your result was the opposite of the negative doctors report, etc. Those are some of the many examples of how we receive from another source, we cannot do it alone!

I took my children camping in the woods in Georgia a couple of years ago and the experience was life changing. We went hand in hand with nature. God open my eyes to see that without all of the technology today we could still survive. He showed me how he has provided for us as people out in the wilderness.

This reminded of many stories I read throughout the Bible. When we were out in the woods the experience was mind blowing. I never imagine being on a camping trip, it’s has never been my cup of tea.

We slept in tents on the ground with no electricity. We got caught in a bad thunderstorm and all I could think was my children were going to get hurt, but through it all He kept us. We were in our tent as the loud sounds of thunder and lights of lightening were over our heads. I’ll be honest I was shook and the first thing I did was prayed and in a still soft voice all I could hear is I will see you through this storm.

My life flashed before my eyes. I had a chance to reevaluate my independence while out in the woods away from my reality and actually focus on being in dependence. We face so many storms in life and yet we still stand tall. In the end when we make it out we speak our independence, instead of reflecting the person or source that assisted with our success. We need to focus more on how we are in dependence vs. independent. Don’t allow others to bring you down; we all should build one another up. We at all times should work as a team; no one person can do it alone.

Today I challenge you stand tall through your storm and look at your opposition in the face and step to your next level in success! No longer let selfishness, circumstance or challenges determine your outcome! We are the only ones that know where we need to change in order to move up into our next level and build up others all around us. Today is your day!

Prayer for Today

Lord we stand in agreement in prayer and thank you for seeing us through our storms. Lord we ask that you continue to guide us in the direction according to your will for our lives. Lord we ask that you go before us and make our crooked ways straight and teach us how to focus more on building up our sisters and brothers. Lord we ask that you send forth our angels to guide us along our paths. Lord we ask that where we are weak, you provide us with strength. Lord we ask that you strengthen our spirits and guide us into building better relationships. Lord we cast all our cares upon you and thank you for your forgiveness and everlasting LOVE!

In Jesus name, Amen!

Be Encouraged
Tennille L. Whittington

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