Saturday, January 9, 2010

Running on an Empty Tank

Acts 3:16 By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see.

Acts 9:6 Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.

Good Evening,

For the first time in my life I appreciated running out of gas and being stranded on the side of the road. On yesterday, I found myself in a rush to get my errands completed so I could get to Jericho and experience God move in my life. This week was the revival for both First Baptist of Glenarden and Greater Mount Calvary. The guest preacher was Bishop T.D. Jakes.

On Thursday Bishop T.D. Jakes taught the “Eschatology of a Tormented Soul”. I declared the enemy had been destroyed in my life! It was a moment of pure breakthrough in my life! I knew that all that I had written in my blogs, Facebook posts and prayers and daily inspirations had all been confirmed. I believe that God's promises for my life have been before my eyes all along, but I was too full of unnecessary things to receive them.

On Sunday Pastor Tony Lee preached “Stronger with Each Tear”. He preached about the life of Mary J. Blige and how her new album had so much meaning according to her journey. He taught about so many things I could relate to that caused me to shed tears, as I suffered from hurt and pain over my years. I believed I had shed my last tear that day and my struggle was finally over.

On Wednesday he preached the “Pathway to the Power of the Holy Ghost”. He talked about being on one accord and getting everyone to their next level by tapping into Holy Ghost power. Well on this particular day after updating my blog titled “Dynamic Dreams: Working the Plan”, I was not feeling too great. My detail to a new position started this week and it was a long busy day for me. I got to Bible Study a little irritated. I was not irritated with anyone in particular, I was upset with myself. I had thought about Sunday’s message and I begin to focus on getting to my next level, but I realized I hadn’t giving myself completely over to God.

As Pastor preached his message on Wednesday, I heard it completely, but as he was speaking, God was speaking to me. I had been praying that God place His mirror in front of me and allow me to see what He saw in my life. I prayed for God to change me completely, but as He continued to show me signs, I continued to question Him. I continued to ask why? When? How? Where? Each time a new sign came that related to what I believed God was trying to say to me, I would miss it because I remained focus on something else.

It reminded me of Saul’s conversion. On the way to Damascus Saul was stopped in his travel by Jesus. Saul was blinded for 3 days in order for the Lord to do a new work in him. So on Wednesday, I felt I was at the place of my conversion, where the Lord was telling me enough is enough, stop questioning me! Stop focusing on all things that are not of God and focus on what I need you to do! I believe I was so irritated on Wednesday because the next 3 days would be life-changing as I walked into my breakthrough.

I already mentioned about destroying the enemy in my life under God’s Word through Bishop T.D. Jakes on Thursday and also confirming my Pastor’s Word this week. On Friday I got off from work all excited because my blog was coming along great. I finally felt I was walking in my purpose to encourage all. My message for that day was “So What You Knew Me When”, it was my testimony and it prepared me for my breakthrough. In the past I had allowed fear of letting people into the book of my life stop me from answering the call of God on my life, but as I typed that message the fear was destroyed!

I was headed to pick up my children and take my daughter to my sister’s house in Bryan’s Road, Maryland. Along my journey I realized before picking up my friend that I needed to get some gas. I was so excited about what I believed God was doing in my life I forgot all about the gas. It was finally coming together. God had given me a glimpse in 2006 of my destiny.

I traveled from Landover to Forestville, from Forestville to Temple Hills and then from Temple Hills to cut off on the side of the road in Accokeek. Now you can imagine how many gas stations I must have past along the way. Similar to our lives, how many times does God send us signs and we just overlook them, because we are easily distracted or pride gets in the way? How many times does God alert us, but yet we fail to hear or believe Him? How many more days will we live as Saul?

The first thing I could do was laugh out loud, because I had already had a vision of me being stuck on side the road. I already knew that I needed to get gas. I had every sign needed. I just kept talking and joking all the way down Route 210. It wasn’t until I past the last gas station that I realized I never stopped for gas. Immediately after that, my friend asked if I was pushing the gas. Before I could respond the car cut off. All I could do was laugh.

Now you may be reading this and saying to yourself how could you laugh, you were stuck on side of the road. Well I finally realized what God was doing in my life. God had humbled me to the point of no return. God had spoke to me from many different men of God this week and they all positioned me to where God needed me to be. God had been working on my stressed mind, hardened heart and weak soul for a long time. God had been sending all that I needed for a long time and yet I had the nerve to question what He was doing in my life. God needed me to see that finally I was empty of all of my hurt and all of my pain. In the words of my Pastor and Mary J. Blige, He needed me to see that I am stronger with each tear!

In the back of the car my 1 year old daughter Trinity was even in good spirit. She was praising the Lord. She said “Hallelujah for my mommy” over and over again until my sister came to my rescue.

We made it to Jericho and yes it was packed. We got into the sanctuary just in time. Seeing so many people all coming together to praise God and be apart of the experience was a great feeling. I was proud of myself because I kept my cool. It was because I saw the good in being stuck on the side of the road, in the dark and in the freezing cold. I believe everything in life is tied to God’s purpose for our lives. I asked the Lord to speak to me through the service and He showed up and showed out on Day 2 of my transformation into my breakthrough.

That night Bishop T.D. Jakes preached “He Touched Me.” He gave a message that confirmed my very blog “So What They Knew You When.” He preached about so many great stories of the Bible and how God used people everyone would least expect. The message was so good and confirmed so many great things for my journey. The best example that he gave for the night was when he spoke about the H1N1 vaccination. He taught on the fact that the vaccination was the very infection the doctors were trying to protect us from. He talked about how Aaron was a total mess up, but God used him. He talked about how David was a total mess up, but God used him. He talked about how Paul once was Saul but God still used him.

The point of the message was God had to use someone that was not in a position to judge and that God uses someone who has experience to help people get through the very thing they went through. What is it that you have experience? I need you to know that God needs to use you to. You have people assigned to your life as well.

I left out of Jericho filled only with the Holy Spirit, there was not a bit of sadness, frustration, irritation, or doubt in my mind. I believed God was going to do what He said He would do in my life. God showed up this week to do a great thing in my life! Just as the Lord said to Saul in Acts 9:6. I believe my week was the start of the new work God was about to do in and through my life. I have never been this happy in my life. I have the biggest smile on my face even as I type this blog.

On the last day of the 3 which is today, I went over to Spirit of Faith Christian Center to their “Women Walking in the Word” fellowship. I was invited by Ms. Tamika Lathon and I went with my friends Tia and Cheryl. God really showed up through these women of God and this was the icing on the cake. Through Pastor Dee Dee Freeman and Pastor Wendy Treat, God told me what I need to do, as it is written in Acts 9:6. Every Word God has spoken to me this week was confirmed. I had entered into my breakthrough. God had healed me totally.

God needed me to realize I was empty. He used my gas tank in order for me to realize I was empty. Every sign was there in my life, but yet I remain focus on things out of my control. God said come boldly to His throne of grace and live out your purpose to me today. I praise Him for He is good! He has done a marvelous work in me. I am thankful that I am in my breakthrough. I am thankful I finally am who God has called me to be. I no longer am hurt and I am no longer in pain, because that tank in my life is empty.

The only thing I am full of is the love of God! By God's grace and mercy I am healed completely. God had to humble me through my journey, just as He did Saul, now I can live out my life as Paul lived out his. I hope and pray you allow God to do the same for you. It’s time you run on an empty tank!


Tennille L. Whittington

Prayer for Today

As I read this Lord my tank is full of hurt and pain, Lord my tank is full of heartache and stress, Lord my tank is full of all things ungodly, Lord I need You to help me empty my tank, Lord I need You to help me get out of my way, Lord I am ready to step into my change, Lord I am ready to so what You have called me to do, Lord I am ready to write my plan, Lord I am ready to work my plan, Lord I am ready to measure my plan, Lord I step to You boldly, I am ready for my release, Lord lead me and humble me, I ready for my conversion! In Jesus name, Amen


  1. Glory to God and I thank HIM also for confirmation that you can't start new until you first get rid of the old allowing you to be "empty" so GOD can fill you up with His HOLY SPIRIT !!!!!!!! You are definitely on your way to a spirit filled life in Jesus !!!! I thank GOD for you !!! and your BLOG to keep me in a realistic relevant state of knowing that GOD is my all in all !!! He got it going on for what we cover up HE will uncover and what we uncover to HIM he has got us COVERED !!!! Keep Pressing Baby !!!! and I will do the same !!! In Jesus name, Amen.

  2. Written like a novel. I could actually see this whole thing play out as you wrote it. And I busted out laughing at one point. LOL U're awesome, Miss. But as a humble servant of the strength of my life and my redeemer, Jesus Christ, I don't expect anything less. Keep up the great work. And thank you for sharing your journey.